Voice Technology Life Mapping

What are the 9 Life Codes of Voice?

Create a Life Shift


A technology of vocal sound using 9 core sounds, body locations, body energetics …
life themes … and self mastery.

Each Code utilises MYTHs to help connect with body location, life theme etc ..
to help you to use  your healing voice
– toning, mantra, emotional sound vibrations
in a self kind way through your body
to free difficult life themes

The 9 Ancient Healing Voice Codes to free common themes in life
in a self kind system to spring clean modern self help confusion …
that we all encounter,

It is Life Mapping of Common Issues we experience
how they show up in our bodies
life themes

The Codes   =
success (BLAZE – the art of boundary),       stress (HOPE – the art of receiving),
life clarity (FOCUS – the art of direction),     self bellief  (SHINE – the art of authenticity),
inspiration (GRACE the art of wholism),      connection (PEACE),           security  (ROOTS – the art of nature),
happiness (TRUST – the art of balance),      energy (LIFE – the art of sexuality)
Every voice is unique
Has it’s own sound pattern …
Is it’s own soul fingerprint

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