Experience the Sacred Body

The Sacred Body is the gift that helps in a time when the world seems to be going mad ..


Sacred means special … of high value.
Something to be cared for, taken notice of, given attention to,
cherished with discipline.  Life giving, positive, essential.
(ety.   consecreate, immortal, set apart … holy  “whole-y”) 

Body means a mass or colleciton of something.
Our human, flesh and bone body.  A
 body of water, a body of stars, a body of people.

Thus … the true human body is not just our physical body, but a collection of emotional, mental body, spiritual, energetic electro magnetic, subtle and light body. When unified they become something sacred.


What we might also call presence.
Someone with great presence is someone who is fully here   Integrated.  Complete.

Presence unlocks wisdom – an ability to see the whole.

Presence is gained through practising body awareness, silence making, focussing,
consciously expanding body energy and relaxing.
A study of the body’s subtle, graceful, complex intelligence.

From here begin to feel and understand how different components of the body experience link up.
That our felt responses to life issues either hamper or increase bio-energy.
And how these life issues, can be often better seen and cleared through the whole body experience (not mind).  Emotion (Energy motion) is accepted when you are no longer afraid and see a way out.  Letting go becomes easier.  Experience is digested and allowed to flow as it will which quickens our process of it, releasing fuel for centres of the body to line up and communicate more optimally.

We start to learn which places of body focussing or meditation points enable which life clearings.
We realise the body as a kind of intelligent device or map, guiding us to greater knowing.  That is has super sensory ability to connect with other bodies and occurances through intuitive and
psychic experience.   That certain meditation centres take us beyond ourselves, which from ancient times is said to bring peace.

Enjoying and honouring the body in this way,
seeing it as more than just flesh and bone.
super charged and awakened, where wholeness creates vitality, pieces of your life seem to come together and an understanding of your mission.

Purpose grows meaning … meaning grows happiness … which grows natural generousity.
Generousity, gratitude enables a sensitivity to the life around you,

The matrix of sound and light within Nature mirrors the matrix of our own body.
Trees and stones, water and sky sing out with commonality.
Through expressing sound and energy .. or light ..

you begin to tune into that matrix ..
experience the perfectness of the web of life and
come to the final realisation of yourself as Sound and Light
connected with nature, planet and stars
you sing back out into it, sending healing energy
and tuning to the structural life intelligence.

Your need for movies, celebrities, addictions, distractions falls away
and you begin to live in your own (good) magical movie.

This is the sacred body.

Always available to you .. even in the heart of pain … even when in the most dire poverty .. even when incredibly alone .. even when the world around you is falling apart.

You can tune to it and know yourself to be light and sound also.


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