The science of songlines

What is UNITY?    And how does it help our lives?

The HuMan, Animal, Nature and life Spirit Connection icreates the song of existence.    A song that Native and advanced peoples have been aware of and sung for millennia.    Many traditions knew about the unified field theory that connects all things and tapped into it to uplift their lives and even increase the health of the environment

The field in which we live is like the stage on which we play our lives    The back drop, the setting, the theatre    The difference is that it is a living breathing theatre with a kind of awareness of its own

when we tap into that awareness we have an experience that our lives are part of something magical and important   That we are players on this stage and can affect it

There is a special kind of LOVE in this connection that strengthens us when human connections break down

Im always telling my clients to give up tv and take time away from electronics    There is a bored space that losing our gadgets creates    But to fill it I suggest people focus on growing their white magic lives

going out into the night and singing to the stars, getting close to animals and humming calm to them, sitting in the earth and making a drone sound into your hips to try and feel the human nature emf connection

The voice sounded inside your body being and out into the world is the great healing gift of mind, body, spirit tool thanx for commenting and liking … and for sharing with someone who might use a new kind of shift.

The basis OFF my work sounding in nature etc and wig animals comes first to me from the aboriginal people of Australia who have this notion of songlines.   Lines on the earth which have songs connected to them or stories and time.  Which inform the people like a kind of map.

There is also the idea of key lines which I explored in the U.K. And with U.K. Researchers who believe megalithic and sacred sites have a kind of magnetic current that are connected to each other and that they were purposely laid by the ancients.  This idea spans the world

u infield field theory comes in with the idea that we are not so. I have living I. Empty space as commonly thought but in a sea of energy.  More like a body of eater than empty vacuum.  This field links everything.   And is electric, magnetic and conscious     A field that can carry sound and amplify our pure intentions.



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