Feminine Worth

Mystery, in our clever self-congratulating modern world, has had a lot of bad press.

Mostly seen as the stuff of dark ages or fantasy movies it has been devalued to nothing more than entertainment in our lives.  We pride ourselves on what we know, not what we still question and stare at in awe.

But Awe is a nourishing experience, a sunset creates awe, it renews our wonder in life and stimulates questions and lets us feel that the majesty in life,  a greater picture.

Mystery keeps our minds fresh, humbed and enquirying.  Keeps life alive.   Lets the good magic flow and a snese of living in a meaningful life thrive.


The worth of the Feminine

Mystery is what leads you often to uncover understanding.
When you read the experiences of the great scientists who our culture admires they often tell stories of their breakthrough having come about through intuition, dream or creative experience.

These are the gifts of the feminine brain, the equal half that partners with the masculine logical achiever.  She is the part of the brain that brings understanding via the things we cannot understand.  The feeling self.
The self, that because it is non-rational and super-sensory, can perceive a wider scope of information that the masculine needs to act originally and thus with high achievement.


There are many logical stories behind the Magdalene Codes I could share with you, and indeed I have in other places on this site (see about GOLD);  stories of professional development, ancient research, frequency experiences, case studies and even how a chronic illness pushed me to take the kind of huge risks I have taken to launch this project…

But much more inspiring, and much more central to this story are the moments of Awe I had along the way, sometimes without even contexting until much later, that formulated this work.

It has essentially been a product of the feminine mind, or at least, that has become its end goal.  To rebalance femnine intelligence and give it back its rightful place as the Source of functional living.

My work, research and adventure has been guided very powerfully and very undeliberately by the story of Isis and the Magdalene.   Images that are held very dear to the heart by women and lovers of the Feminine spirit.  These stories are not just whimscial imageries but access points for enjoying and thus switching on the Feminine Mind.  The Masculine mind is triggered via discipline, but the Feminine mind is triggered out of love and appreciation.

Learning to see Isis and Magdalene as not only beautiful but essential brings calm.

I ended up calling this project the Magdalene Codes at the end of it, after stumbling lost through bushes by an ancient inland sea and ending up in a quiet temple, structured in such an Egyptian way even though it was located in Israel, and receiving in the underground chambers of this place, my final Code transmission and understanding of the core problems of our time.

That final code was the Sound Code for the throat.  And when it was released I had an immediate feeling of a flow of life giving energy and vitality integrating and aligning my whole being with wellbeing.

Some would say it was an awakening of sexual energy, but because it was so intertwined with the experience of truth and a heartful, embodied experience of the mysticism in that historical place it was actually a much more whole experience than just sexual.

Modern sexual healing practitioners often confuse that point.

The wholeness contextualised all my research and helped me see the complete picture of it which was awe inspriing.  And even more awe inspiring, how did I find that place wandering through the bushes, what led me there, how did I know that it was the perfect place to find this final piece of my meditational research explorations.

It was a mystery.

That place was the Magdalene Temple by the Sea of Galilee, I had no idea it was there, its history or its significance.  Sitting in that underground chamber I had the profound experience of knowing I would launch my 20 – 5 year project soon and that I must rename it the Magdalene Codes.

I understand now how important it is to relay this message of the feminine.  That all of my work has been my personal and transpersonal struggle to reclaim feminine worth.   To learn to appreciate the llife experience of feeling, rest, slow pace, contemplation, arts, dreams, body grace and wisdom, not knowing, emotional experience, sadness, …

Reclaiming the feminine is not about using these things again .. we have no choice in this matter, we MUST use them, they are a functinal part of our being.   Art, dreams, imagination etc are not choices, they are necessities.

Reclaiming the feminine is not about acknowledging the existence of these things .. but seeing the worth of them, and reclaiming your right to let them flourish in your body-mind-soul with value and worth.

The dance of the feminine and masculine is a great mystery and a great wonder.
We may turn our eyes away from it, or celebrate neutrality and the emergence of the celebration of non-gender rights .. but we will never be able to turn away from the codes of life that form life.

These are the mysteries of the feminine .. and the mysteries of a coded life love story.

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