Healing with the Soul Voice

Life Changes through the Shamanic Soul Voice 


In tribal and nature inspired cultures when someone was sick it was known to all ..
the whole village gathered to take part in healing and support.  Illness in one was seen as a seed of disatisfaction amongst the many.  When one is healed, the whole village is healed.

The medicine person, the one who knows or sees, would be called and come to examine the SPIRIT of the person, he/she would look to see where spirit had lost hope in life.  Songs and dances would be made .. pictures that healed painted .. stories of triumph told.   These would bring beauty and renew the spirit throwing off its sadness so if could love life again.



This was how healing was viewed .. not as a problem to be solved, or a piece to be cut away, but a weakening that needed to be creatively cleared and uplifted.  Reminded of all that is beautiful, wondorous and uplifting about life.  The renewed spirit or enthusiasm laying within the ill person could then take over and generate the healing of body and mind.  The Shaman stimulated the power within the individual to heal themselves.

Awakening to the Intelligent Power of your Personal Sound
the Spirit Transformer and your unique Soul Signature

“Dreams are necessary to life.”   – Anais Nin.
“Where words leave off, music begins.”   – Heinrich Heine
“Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast, To soften Rocks,
or bend a knotted Oak.” – William Conegreve



Soul Medicine through Intelligent Voice Awakening.
The Pure Sound Codes of the Universal Language
relaxation, illumination and motivation.
Tools for Calm

“After I worked with Meaghan I felt an instant shift .., I went from worrying about my finances, to moving forward with confidence .. wonderful unfoldings in my life, thanks Meg”    Jenny Prat, Australia





What to expect from your Sound Code Session

*  Be guided intuitively and discover clarity about what’s important in your life right now and assisted to simplify it into a clear, concise statement you can work with.  Especially wonderful if you are feeling lost, overwhelmed or down.

*  I will read your energy field and uncover with you where and what the blocks are in your life.

*  I will prescribe a Sound Code remedy that suits your energetic vibration that will both clear the pain/blocks and grow positivity.

*  I will teach you in a kind, self kind, strengthening way how to confidentally make the code yourself.  Making sure you feel the relief and understanding you need to feel.

*  I will send you via email a pdf and recording of your Sound Code so you can develop it and use it often.

*  I will follow up our appointment with one email check-in, where you have the chance to ask questions, fine tune the sounding, and gain motivational support from me.


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