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Inspirational Sound Training and Life Breakthroughs



Hello and Welcome
to this special Inner Circle of the Magdalene Song Codes.

The Sound Club
is an online space where special attention is given to those who are truly interested in learning this Life-Saving Ancient Technique.  It is exclusive access and allows us to come together world-wide as people who use toning as a life tool, have collective sessions where we tone and meditate together at the same time – proven scientifically to have a significant healing impact on Self and World.

There are many rewards and thank yous below for joining this club, especially during the Launch Stage.     i.e.    spontaneous mp3 recording uploads, discounts on Nile River Crusie Trainings, VIP access to my feedback on your process, discounts on private consultation.



Gold Membership

Special VIP Access to the Magdalene Song Codes System





What’s included in the Club Membership?


*.    Gold Membership       You are officially a GOLD member and have my special attention.  Email access to me for any questions you may have on your own experiences or life needs with the codes – I am limiting this to members only now as the project grows.   Members receive first notification on all events, teaching, product launches etc


*.    Fixed Membership Price .   Members who join in the launch of this club – Sept 2017 – Jan 2017 will remain at a fixed price for the life of this project.  The Song Codes Club is in Launch and is going to be amazing, and next year the price will go up.  As a thank you for coming in at the Launch you will receive access to the Launch Price Membership for the Life of this Project.

* .   StarSong      Monthly Song Codes Training and tuning to ‘world’ atmospheres 
Live Sharing of the Song Codes Online monthly timed to coincide with powerful astronomical configurations and/or world themes. Song Codes are chosen to help with what is “UP” in the world.   A short talk about the themes and challenges from highly accurate intuitive Meaghan MorningStar .  Followed by a guided meditation with sound and sound codes and group toning.
ALLOW, MAKE SPACE AND CLEAR the challenges emerging.   You will receivean AUDIO MP3 of the event to work with.
NB .  these events are sometimes recorded LIVE and sometimes pre-recorded depending on location, wifi accessibility etc 

*    Video Training Access and Request     Special video releases sharing more advanced understandings of the Codes, myths, body placement.   Every month one member has the chance to request a special video to be created to answer a certain question or focus that you require.

Access to my one to one program      (one off sessions for non-members wont be available after 2017 –  most people require a 3 session program to make a real impact with the song codes.    Members and clients committed to this work, however, will continue to have access to one off sessions for emergency and/or clarifying single sessions)

*   “The Gold Inner Circle Updates”     Receive the GOLD LETTER –   research, song travels and adventures, animal experiences, upcoming programs, trainings, adventures.     Free resources  including sound files.    Basically you can keep up to date with everything.




A ton of support as a thank you for you helping me in this final launch of the Codes over the next few months.  There are some very exciting things brewing … Shhhh … which I cannot share till Jan 2018, but has very special members of this Inner Circle you will have first notification and my thanks for jumping in now.



music love 9 re do

Deep Life Changing
Song Meditation
& Manifestation Power

Sonic Peace and Strength in a Time of Change 





Testimonials from Past Online Song Codes Meetups

Just partook in the first sound code file for bringing joy to the heart and I’m vibrating all over. I feel something has been released already! Im looking forward to a couple of weeks to see the progress after daily practice. Thanks Meaghan for putting this together so clearly. x .   David, Environmental Scientist, England





“We just finished participating in your conference call and wanted to say that we enjoyed the experience so much and found it very powerful …  Still buzzing from it in fact.   We look forward excitingly to more of your generous sharings and teachings this year .  Thank you so much for enabling a great start for the year.    Love and Blessings to you.         Inara Kent   “Beautiful Ceremonies” . Byron Bay


“Thank you for this morning’s magic.
We tuned into the transmission and followed your prompts. 
Connecting to the elements through sound was significant to me. 
It’s something I would like to add to my daily routine of connecting into the Earth. 
We will be participating in the next one, looking forward to it ”
Rachelle Rose, Editor, Cooloola Cove Magazine 




How does it work

The Club is designed to keep you focussing on activating your voice as healer,  personal meditation tool, energy and stress shifter
* .  FIRST of every month you will receive an email announcing the theme of the month.   The theme is chosen from looking at the Star Energy Forecast, requests and what seems to be strongly happening socially.   Will also include the date of the monthly STARSONG event  – i.e.  tune and sing the codes on ZOOM when possible or in sync with a pre-recorded journey .

*   Receive one motivational email at begining of every week with guidance and check ins to motivate you

* . Receive a recording of the StarSong Event – which will contain a short talk, instructions and toning audio.

*  You will also receive a general mailout from the Magdalane Codes sharing what projects and events are coming, research with the codes, sacred stories that come up and other interesting things



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