Breakthrough with the Song Codes
ReTune your world with Ancient Temple Sound Science


Experience a breakthrough in your energy and life.  Sound loosens the cobwebs and helps you gain fresh energy, focus and motivation.   In these sessions will we discover together what part of your life, body, feelings has become blocked from freedom and ease.  We will learn a sound Code sequence to suit that issue and part of the body.  You will be supported with audio files, super email support follow up and personal yet simple self reflection work. 

Wake up from the inside.
Deep CALM and inner space are the gifts that effortlessly arrive after sounding the pure tones of the Universal Language.
Gain easier swift access to meditative, clear mind and high performance states.

“A lot of couselling and coaching is based in talk.   This is great for temporary relief but to make a real change it has to be vibrational.   i.e.   Felt as a body based feeling that is strong enough to ring through your emotional and physical experience signalling to your mind that an event in the REAL world has occurred.   Song Making is that beautiful vibraitonal experience that is joyful artistic, self kind and yet so deep and profound.    The Song Codes are Vibrational Coaching of the highest order.   Meaghan is a qualified musician, counsellor, arts therapist, astrologer and shamanic arts trained – perfect combinations for soulful grounded music therapy for re-programming modern world challenges.”


“Meaghan has an intuitive gift for hearing the voice of a persons spirit and expertly drawing the sound as codes for life change out of them.”
Jenny Dunn, Australia

” After Silence .. that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressable is music”
–   Adlous Huxley


Your being is both Soulful AND ElectroMagnetic
Mystical AND Scientific


Inner Sound is the ‘miracle’ frequency that draws on both arts and science knowledge foundations.
Thinking in terms of frequency and energy is a simple way to shift our difficulties.
Remembering Creative and Magical expression is a soulful way to reignite our love of life.

Sound brings the two worlds together.
Reawaken the magic in your humanity.



The Breakthrough Sessions

3 x 1 hr online appointment online on * ZOOM
Personal Video Recording of Session
Mid week Motivational Email Support and Followup


Book NowStandard Rate                 $270 USD
Club Members Rate .     $240 USD

  • .Zoom is a wonderful alternative to Skype.
    When you book instructions on how to access zoom etc are sent to you.




What is the Session Structure?

  • Receive an energetic body field reading locating where the tension and blocks lay and where your energy flow is being trapped at the moment.  I am very accurate at reading the body field of others and picking up on current tensions, headaches, sore points etc and finding out the themes or life issues that are generating that and need to be shifted.
  • We will allow, be self kind and release that tension build up using soothing sounds, sung for and with you in a gentle, encouraging manner
  • Once you feel some relief, we will have a brief moment of sharing, reclarifying your goals into simple key words and sentences that carry power for you.
  • We will then tone expansive sounds to open, bring in new energy, build up your strength and optimism, and help focus you to the new.
  • I will follow up in 2 – 3 days with an email to support, tweek and motivate your experience.



What will you get out of it?

  • Clarity and relief regarding what is troubling you or what you need to release to let the new in
  • a deeply personal and beautiful connection to your own sound and inner world
  • Simple foundational tones you can practise in your own time that help shift your world
  • Deeper meditation, sleep, energy – especially when you follow my instructions of daily sound practise
  • A breakthrough – its a big claim, and results vary, but I have worked with hundreds of people who report breakthroughs, life shifts, new lifestyles etc after tapping into this Ancient and profound mystic science.




Praise from Clients



“Meaghan’s work brings cutting edge technology to ancient wisdom creating a unique transformational exper
ience. I found myself immersed in a sea of sound, diving deep into my consciousness, releasing hidden emotions. A powerful journey within that left me peaceful and clear, inspired to create and share myself with the world.  I am in action on the things that matter most to me.
Meaghan is an absolute delight, a gifted teacher and healer.”
Bernard Wheatley, Film-maker, Australia

fullsizerender“Meaghan’s very empathetic nature helped me a lot to open myself.
During only one session we created a beautiful soul song which helps me now 
in everyday life to connect to the amazing feeling to my inner peace.  In difficult situations this brings me back to my inner peace.
I definitely recommend this work to others.  I would describe it as a method to tune into yourself deeper.  Having the possibility to get in touch with yourself often doesnt get a lot of attention in every day life.”
Desiree Goeppert, Germany


Experience an Inner Sound hug
Ancient Voice Meditations for Modern Self Kind Lives

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