ReTune your Frequency
Ancient Temple Arts Sound Technology

Personal Sound Codes
There are core inner sounds that free your blocks
and clear your vision


Wake up from the inside,
Deep CALM and inner space are the after effects
that effortlessly arrive after sounding pure, soul based sound codes.

A swift way to meditative, clear mind and high performance states. A

Connect with your unique Sound Signature

“Meaghan has an intuitive gift for hearing the voice of a persons spirit and expertly drawing the sound as codes for life change out of them.”
Jenny Dunn, Australia

” After Silence .. that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressable is music”
–   Adlous Huxley


Your being is Soulful and ElectroMagnetic
and emits frequencies through your feelings (sensing, emoting, tactile) communicating with and co-creating your world

Retuning and getting to know your base frequency signature
to create change and fluid movement in your life.  Discover your ‘soul codes’ through sound.
Reawaken the magic in your humanity.

Personal Sound Codes prescribed for you from Egypt live online.



Service Menu

Clearing Appointment             Introduction to the Codes and Voice Awakening – Clarity Tuning
*  1 hr online training
*  Personal PDF & Recording
  $120 US

Deep Resonance Training  
5 Sessions Online over 30 days – Learn to sing all the Basic Sound Codes and apply to Life Issues

*  5 x 1 hr online training sessions
*  5 X Email Mentoring 
*  Personal Ebook of Sound Codes
*  Gold – the Magdalene Codes Basics – introduction to the sounds for personal use
  $500 US

Resonance Mantra – Optional Add-on to Resonance Training 

Resonance Mantra – a completely different approach to affirmations. Creating a Mantra based on your life and what you wish to achieve at the end of the Resonance Series
*  Deep Resonance Training
1 session looking for your power words, phrases and images
*  Create a perfect mantra as well as rhythm, tone etc for your use
*  PDF guide
*  2 Email Mentoring Follow-ups
It takes 30 days repetition to break a habit or mindset.  Having a personal mantra is an easy way to stay mentally and energetically focussed.  It’s an ancient practise.

  $270 US




“Meaghan’s work brings cutting edge technology to ancient wisdom creating a unique transformational exper
ience. I found myself immersed in a sea of sound, diving deep into my consciousness, releasing hidden emotions. A powerful journey within that left me peaceful and clear, inspired to create and share myself with the world.  I am in action on the things that matter most to me.
Meaghan is an absolute delight, a gifted teacher and healer.”
Bernard Wheatley, Film-maker, Australia


“Meaghan’s very empathetic nature helped me a lot to open myself.
During only one session we created a beautiful soul song which helps me now 
in everyday life to connect to the amazing feeling to my inner peace.  In difficult situations this brings me back to my inner peace.
I definitely recommend this work to others.  I would describe it as a method to tune into yourself deeper.  Having the possibility to get in touch with yourself often doesnt get a lot of attention in every day life.”
Desiree Goeppert, Germany


An Inner Sound hug
Foundational Voice Awakening & Meditation
for self kindness and free body-emotion expression
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