Focus your Mind Sound Code

the Magdalene Song Codes
Clearing Song Code # 6

CLEAR – the Art of Focus
How to free your mind and grow positivity


1  GENTLY Hum into the point between your eyes, approx 1 inch or 2 cms IN to the head ALLOW the vibration of the hum to clear your thoughts and slow them down.

2  HUM  into the energetic centre or heart centre

in middle of chest (not physical heart)
feel like you are WARMING IT UP

3  THEN,  Link the two …  tuning from eyes to heart

Focus on the vibration
Focus on it warming you
Focus on the vibration moving through you
waking you up
waking up cellular intelligence

4     When you feel it build … when you start to feel the tone warmth depth taking root deep within .. then SHIFT your mental focus into and through the vibration

5    Imagine the vibration is carrying or generating through sound an empowering emotional state that you desire
i.e.  CALM, PEACE, FOCUS, POSITIVITY, CLARITY, ACTION, DRIVE, SELF  KINDNESS, SILENCE, GUIDANCE, DIRECTION, whilst you remain focused on the purpose of the sound.
When you sing a song it has a story, an emotion and imagination you sing which
is what gives the song power.  It’s not just the idea, story or feeling, it’s all these
things expressed together.


Clean and Clear all restrictions and interference
i.e.   negativity, blackness, toxic heaviness and greyness

WHEN YOU FEEL RELIEF …  and most people feel it almost instantly…
Hum and imagine you are singing a song of cleansing light
into and through as many cells as you can.

Imagine Vibrating the Colour Gold close to the skin,
The Colour ROSE PINK around this gold colour ..
The Colour BLUE around the rose pink.

Don’t try to make anything happen.
Just tune heart to eyes
and let love and support experiences come in and grow.


Need help or guidance with this wonderful practice?


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