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Song Healer – Practitioner Training

 E G Y P T                  A U S T R A LI A                   E U R O P E

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Flourish in the Sound Lines



The Song Healer


The Ancient World had a deep relationship with music, especially the voice.
There were in Ancient Greece, Egypt, India and Ireland, and many other parts of the world, special Song Makers whose job was to sing healing tones into the body, fill the sacred spaces with sonic atmospheres, call in the ‘gods’ and sing out messages of peace and brotherhood to the animal, tree and stone people.

Shamans saw illness as a lack of spirit.  i.e.   A lack of faith, excitement, inspiration in life.
And it was always the chanted voice that nourished that soul back into the being and gave it new fire for life.


Still today, at the heart of every meditation, yoga class, church gathering, prayer singing, celebration, community gathering etc you will find the voice as the central focusser of the gathering that brings in the light, magic and uplifted energy.

Even in the very unwell modern culture we still adore the voice as with the huge popularity of shows like the Voice, X factor etc.

Singing brings us hope.
But Singing is not the property only of the super talented or even those with a beautiful voice.

You can witness many very touching moments guiding someone to open up their throat and make a sound that illustrates how they feel and what their soul wants to cry out.  This is the gift and the power of the Universal Language.  The pure tones of sound that make up all singing, language, expression, animal calls and even everyday life sounds.

They are healing because they are pure.  Simple.  Whole onto themselves and cut through the distortions written into our languages.  The energy blocks learnt in how we express feelings.   The confusions of energy rushing through us looking for an outlet.

These pure, true moments bring us to understanding and reclaiming our own truths.

The Magdalene Gold Song Codes is a real training based on first hand experiences with training, animal encounters, world indigenous sharings and very thouroughly thought out steps for you to gain mastery over your life through your voice.

As practitioners you will gain a tool to assist your clients release and make breakthroughs rapidly.

This was one of the central ethics and motivations of the creation of the system.

1.  to create something that works
2.  to create something that works quickly
3.  to create something that works quickly with beauty and good magic
4.  to create something that works quickly with beauty and good magic and benefits Self, World and Animal Kind.


the Research and Development 

The original inspiration for this began at a very young age.  I lived in the ancient world with an engineer/archaeologist Dad and a clairvoyant/musician Mum.  I spent weekends as a junior archaeologist on sites.  And weeks learning piano, mythology, religions, ancient history etc.   

I studied various arts and became a singing teacher.   Academic singing techniques used to drive my stressed students nuts and I began to combine with my work free movement and eastern consciousness techniques.  We started exploring vocal expressive sounds, free vowels and other pure sounds to help loosen them up so they could sing.  Voices expanded and freed, but what surprised me most were the life breakthroughs that people were having.  New confidences, relationsips, travel plans, new lives.

I began researching inspired by Rudolph Steiner, Prof. Stephen Cheung and Kate Gardiner.  I had already had a long history with improvised singing at kirtans and meditational events, singing Indian chants and I began to explore understandings of ancient thinking regarding singing and sound making.   It led me to the Greeks and their music of the spheres, Pythagorus and Ptolemy … which of course eventually led me to Egypt.

It does this instantly and without the confusion and boredom that excessive mental self-help brings..

It is vibrational, physical, emotional, artistic meaningful, fun, space making, pain relieving, soulful, mentally focusing, sacred.It UNIFIES all of your being making you strong and clear.ce

If you are a practitioner you will find the VOICE as a special extra tool in your practice.   One that will help you create leaps and bounds with your clients.

Learn how to activate your own voice and facilitate that awakening in others.   The GOLD technique combines voice with body intelligence (chakras), ancient frequency science and mythology to rewire our body based beliefs.


Music was frequency science not for entertainment only but a way of connecting and communicating with all of life. 

Singing into the unified field.  Creating sound blessings.   


The project has included input from various different modalities studied around the world, including

Bali –  deep yoga and kundalini, tantric body work, ceremonial practise, 1 year participation in Bali Sound Collective performing and teaching
experiences working with Balinese Traditional Sound Shamans in remote parts of Bali, he voice creates enormous silence, emotional release, inner space clarity of mind, energy flow and meaning.

France – singing in Caves of South of France

Egypt – 104 Temple visits sounding in the spaces and studying the walls, ancient history discussions with indigenous egyptians over 3 years, support by Dr Aunkh S Khem Maa in integrating tradtional Egyptian Khemetic Shamanism into Sound and Chakra work
Frequency research with leading 432 expert Derrick Van Heerden



 You can access the practitioner training experience in 2 ways;

1 day introduction trainings

7 day practitioner trainings in nurturing locations having your own sound journey and learning how to work with the voice.





1 day Introduction Training 

11.11 – 6pm .   One day programs moving lightly through all the codes, bringing out your singing and helping you sense the codes impact.  Experience sound journeys, body tuning, group toning, self mastery applications 
7 day Practitioner Trainings

A life changing journey over 7 days to learn all the basics of my work and all the elements coming together.




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“I was called to attend Meaghan Morningstar‘s Detox Singing Retreat- it was filled with magical awakenings through all my stuck energy centres.   I’m now ecstatic to be confidently singing and dancing through my days now thanks to Meaghans life changing fun process.  An event not to be missed”           Victoria Millar-Wise, Perth