Gently release Pain with toning

Sound Gold …
traveling into the body through the voice tool
and unlocking soul wisdom.


hands and bird

Sharing today the magic of the “pain release sound” for freeing
deep tension, pain and blocked body energy flow.

The pain sound … sounds like a creaky door opening ..
with a scratchy edge ..little kids make it a lot ..
a sound that you make in the back of the throat …
but gently imagine pushing through your muscles and body and places that hurt or feel blocked or where the emotion pools.

A gentle sounding.

Your pain is a little bird in your hands ..
open your hand and hold it gently . let it be what it is ..
allowing it to sing … small and fragile .. weak or resistent ..  in pain.

Let it fly free.





The link to hear the pain sound for yourself is above.

I have enabled FREE DOWNLOAD for those who’d like to have it.

1. listen one time through 

2. and then listen again .. place a hand on what hurts in your body – i.e. pressure, pain, tension, headache etc .. heartache and the make this sound

3. Imagine you are singing the sound into and through the pain spot 
allowing the pain spot to sing itself

It feels like your heart, tummy, head or whatever .. lower back .. is actually doing the singing NOT your mind, mouth etc. Sing the pain without trying to change it or stop it.  

The more you can sing and feel pain and allow it to be exactly what it is the faster it will shift and ease.

Don’t push, change, or control … imagine your pain is a little bird you hold gently in your hands. Be kind to it.
Allow it to be what it is. Let it speak. Be soft and small.


Technically it takes 30 minutes to entrain brainwaves to a more peaceful state.

You can speed this up once your body knows the process.
But what I have found in my years of teaching and using this method is that what really really really helps sound to shift your reality and habits is when you stay with it.

I.e. make the sounds for about 20 – 30 minutes.
A long session.
For really big problems, heartache or blocks long sounding every morning will definitely help you change.

Its seems like a chore .. but once you get into it you will really notice the shifts and the magic light come shining in.

DISCIPLINE or REGULARITY is the very cornerstone of changing your reality for the better.

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