T e s t i m o n a l s    f r o m    w o n d e r f u l    w o r l d w i d e    p e o p l e


“Thanks for the pagonaamazing opportunity, Meaghan.  I felt lighter, like my head ‘opened up’ …

Also, I felt energy down my left leg and an expansive quality.
It was an enjoyable experience and one I am grateful I had”

Pagona HHC, Published Author & Holistic Healer    USA .   http://soulingredientsbook.com 


“I have had two sessions with Meaghan and in that time I have gone from struggling to meditate for 15 minutes to meditating for 2 hours easily.  My last session she found the sound that resonates with my soul for me.   I can’t thank her enough for that.
This is powerful ancient medicine that can change your life.    I can’t wait for my third session.”
David Morris,  Environmental Scientist    United Kingdon




Working with Meaghan was powerful, gentle and inspiring. It was a rare combination of fascinating ancient mythology, exploration of self and how these map onto each other in the body. I found it empowering to drop into my voice in this way and have it reveal surprising and valuable insights.
Her skilful guidance allowed us to drop beyond where we’ve been before and integrate our expansion with ease. I would recommend engaging with this woman and her work!

Lila Lieberman, Spirit Doctors,





I was deeply moved by my sound play experience. The imparting of this ancient body of knowledge spoke to my soul. And what a divinely beautiful voice facilitator Meaghan has.
Wonderful experience.    

Linda Flower,  Byron Bay, Australia





I can personally endorse this having had online sessions with Meaghan Maria MorningStar.  She and her work are just as deep, profound and magical online as it would be in person….there is no time and space with this work…you are just present to it. The mix of her gentle healing energy and the power of sound finds the source of your pain…on every level….and dissolves it. I would highly recomend working with her particularly if you have been stuck with your healing….it is pure joy vibrations ….  💖

Shimara James, Spirit Art Medicine    Cairo & United Kingdom




‘If anyone feels drawn to work with sound as an instrument for healing, then I highly recommend Meaghan as a facilitator and teacher.  Sound is her passion and she understands sound like no-one else I have met.She will be able to guide you as to how to use it for yourself. She cares deeply and is extremely supportive in getting you to help yourself – she does not want to be your crutch, but the one who gets you to help yourself!  Her knowledge is extensive and her sessions are very intuitive.  She holds the space beautifully and I felt very safe in her hands. Meaghan’s follow up to the sessions is phenomenal, extensive and is highly supportive.  Thank you Meaghan. You are a star.”
Moira, East Sussex.  ENGLAND






Thank you so much for the healing sound meditations I really enjoyed our time..

There has been so much ancient magic in the air while you holding the space for me.. accompanied with your singing were just amazing..   Like a returning to ancient mysteries of Thebes      Thank you Meaghan!!
Very powerful and beautiful support

Mimi Montana, The Goddess School, SWITZERLAND







Thank you for the deep healing and blissful sounds …

anna, siv and Frieda, Sweden 






Simple, profound and beautiful …
I have been looking for that key for years!!!
Love the simplicity and beauty of your work.

Vasumi Zjikaa,
www.timewaves.org     NEW ZEALAND





Meaghan, is a magical beam of light shinning with passion, wisdom, bravery, joy and love. She’s a truth seeker living life the way is meant to be lived!

She will inspire and dazzle you!

Tatiana Escalada, Life Coach & Business Consultant  www.empowermentspot.com   SPAIN



3 Skype sessions with Meaghan …   I found the essence of Meaghan’s work to be quite unique with each session producing it’s own individual gift.  Looking back now I realise that I utilise sound much more during my own everyday life and when I am supporting others with processes enabling soul embodiment and evolution.
Thank you Meaghan for this opportunity, experience and a journey shared
Leanne Edwards   Shamanic Arts Practitioner     NEW ZEALAND

tori biz copy 2
..  filled with magical awakenings through all my stuck energy centres….

I’m now ecstatic to be confidently singing and dancing through my days now thanks to Meaghans life changing and fun process … not to be missed”

Victoria Millar-Wise, Perth





Meaghan, you are magnificent! I’m still reeling!   With laser-like speed & accuracy, youpinpointed my Divine Expression, story, experience and passion without knowing me.

As I stood at a crossroads, unsure which way to go or how to step forward, you showed up to light the way that feels like the very purest and most authentic expression of my being, my passion and my power.  I’m so excited  … Infinite thanks for lighting my way and my fire.

Krista Dickin,
VP Fashion Design, NEW YORK




Thank you for your talents and gifts you keep giving and clear explanation of creative proses for transforming of this beautiful energy of anger in to new expression of Power . Love it

Elena Grace, Awakening Together, Russia





I attended a series of sessions with Meaghan Morningstar.   I found my voice, and by this I mean a more powerful tool than I had imagined I had, for talking, sounding, singing.  I was and still am able to communicate on a truer and more vibrant level.

Meaghan’s gentle but powerful tone and presence, and her encouragement, were a constant drawcard and led me to be able to be more creative and responsive in my own work.

Patti Thompson, Voice Healer,  AUSTRALIA





Meaghan gently and expertly guided me into her vibratory world of chakras.   Her regime of sound therapy using music, were both informative and a pleasure.

Her beautiful singing during meditation added greatly to my joy…

Faye Sanderson
Accredited Subtle-Energy Therapist,  AUSTRALIA


beti and me web image

After you left, I felt very gratefull for what you gave me! I learned to express naturally and felt so much better after. I don’t know how to explain but it was very nice!     The way to sound naturally is still a long  pathway for me but this is was a  new and big step towards that.      Thank you very much!

Bety Cholevera,
Freelance Reporter/Writer, Nice, France




We just finished participating in your LIVE Voice Activation conference call and just wanted to say that we enjoyed the experience so much and found it very powerful …  Still buzzing from it in fact.
We look forward excitingly to more of your generous sharings and teachings this year.
Thank you so much for enabling a great start for 2014.        Love and Blessings to you.

Inara Kent    www.beautifulceremonies.com





Meaghan guides you through a journey of self discovery to find your true creative self.  She helped me find more
confidence in my ability to work with others, my sacred self and group ritual work.

Rachelle Rose, Editor,





Thanks so much Meaghan for the beautiful insight you gave me for my business venture as a tennis coach!   Your way of quickly intuiting something then and there on the spot is unique.

You have a spontaneous gift to intuitively sense what a person needs to develop their business and career.   You have certainly given me strong hints & guidelines that I can consider as I look to develop my  business.

Paul Sawh,
Zen Tennis Coaching, Canada





I will always hold the memory of when you sang my name ….  chills went through me and I really ‘felt’ my name for the first time … thank you deeply for that

I have a stronger sense of self and what works for me …
I feel my heart is full and I have all I need on a deeper level than the physical and I am truly grateful for that and the experience

Sandra Mulligan
Intuitive Healer, Sydney, Australia




I run a company where I have to do a lot of speaking and audio production ..
I loathed my voice and had no confidence.
I was not drawn however to attend any of the usual voice training or speech trainings.

I was drawn to Meaghan because I liked her soulful approach ..
she truly did link me into my soul centre and authenticity.
It was a very liberating, uplifting, and yet productive experience .. Thank you Meaghan.

D. Wilson, Melbourne