Finding your truth – throat healing series #2

The Body is an intelligent, bio-electrical-magnetic, light consciousness, super sensitive highly tuned heart device.  One that can not be understood through mechanics alone.  We can our lives ignorant to its full scope and potential, but when the body is experienced holistically, bringing all the elements together it is ignited in magic and mastery …  a miracle …


is the name for the Magdalene Song Code # 5.
It is sung to celebrate and clear with sound and light the throat area of the body.

In Vedic traditions charkas are meditation points.  
Points that contain information that allows energy to flow freely in the body increasing intelligence and assisting us to clear life issues and challenges.

The end goal of the chakras is to allow a whole body experience which brings us to the knowledge that we are magical, divine, creative beings made of sound and light.  This whole body presence experience assists us, leads us to truly embody ourselves as light, a perspective which makes us ‘bullet-proof’.


The Shine Code is carried and sung IN through the animal medicine of the Atlantic Seagulls of West Coast Ireland and the cold islands of the West.  These gulls are larger than most and their sounds are similar to sounds I have used in singing to open and free the throat.

Each Code in the Magadelene Series contains images, animal medicine, frequencies, ancient sacred languages and more to assist areas of the body, and thus life, to open.




The Magical Throat Centre – transmitter and truth channel –
finding your connection with truth 

Express .          Experience            Speak             Realise             Connect  

To allow the opening of a chakra or body centre we have to first connect with its full mythic properties
i.e.  the body mechanics yet also, emotion, symbolism, ancient healing myths, etc that are comprise it.

We have been trained to see our body’s as simply mechanical.  Movies and media amplify this with graphic imagery.
Therefore, we now have to put a little concentration into studying them and reclaiming the ancient knowledge in them.
The grace that once was.
The knowing of ourselves in full presence;

bio-electrical magnetic light consciousness … 
physical marvel …  a light energetic apparatus super sensitive intelligent and feeling consciousness mechanism  …

It is my ‘gifted’ conclusion, after 20 years of working in this field, that the body has been specifically made to sing and make sound ..  a sound or song of life that interactives with the earth nature field and co creates with it.

The difficulties, poison, depression and hoplessness, fear and vice, running the world is simply a disconnect from realising our own majesty.  For when it is realised we no longer feel the need to compete, hurt, take … we are complete in the universal song field.   Considering our being in a magical, graceful way unlocks the wisdom within.  A wisdom that is not dry or scholarly but the wisdom to see and know life for what it is.

The throat .. of course is key … to this process.
But not simply because it is where the singing apparatus lies .. but because it is where we connect with the living presence of truth.  The truth of the true interconnected nature of the universe in light, sound and song.

It is the connector, expressor, director of energies;  light, breath, sound, nourishment, food
It creates movement.
It moves these nourishing essentials inwards from our contact with the outwards via mouth and nose.
It is a channel for the essential.
The essential is another way of describing the experience of pure truth energy.For truth ..  similarly to love … is a force.  A living intelligent force of nature.This is encouraging and good news in a world currently beset with lies and manipulation.
Truth is truth.   It is not simply truthful ideas, or truthful experience .. it is what it is ..
Device, manipulation, trickery, etc can never alter or sway truth.  It exists in its own timeline and can never be tampered with.
Only turned away from or not seen or blinded.Through its essential life giving nature ..
i.e.  to convey air and food and liquid from mouth (outside) to organs of the body (inside)
to hold the head up high in its lofty idealistic realms 
to float upon the spine or ladder of life

the throat is blessed with a direct relationship with Truth.

It is also the most fragile part of the body.
Easily hurt.  And if hurt can result in a fatality.

At the heart of this lies the vocal chords.
Amazing creations born out of a need to express.
There is no direct survival need for the body that has created the vocal chords.
They are born from spiritual and emotional survival needs.  The need to express, respond to life, echo back what we feel to the LIfe field.  Its another essential.  Even if we dont realise that in our mad modern eara.

Manifestation is made in the throat through the spoken word and sound.
Because this is where the body sends BACK to the world what has been learnt from the inner.
Life … food nourishment air has been received and sound, song, expressed feeling is what we echo back from our life as the gift, reflector, mirror.



“Wonder and magic ..   mystery are spoken words that flow through life”
“In the beginning was the word … ”   “All the world is sound” .
“Spider Woman, “Grandmother of the sun and as the great Medicine Power who sang the people into this fourth world we live in now.”    The Hopi Legends


I have seen that the world hears and responds to these echoes.   Many times the world echoes back through a dogs barking, a machine hum, a priest singing, a radio switched on …  there is more on that magical experience elsewhere on this website.



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  1. This makes so much sense to me—the throat chakra and how we can connect an heal ourselves and the world through singing. Fascinating and rings true. When I practice yoga, I love to use “Ocean Breathing” it connects me to my true self.

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