E G Y P T I A N    S O U L   &    L U X U R Y    E X P E R I E N C E S 

Dedicated to the Authentic Experience of Ancient Khemit (Egypt)



People have always been fascinated by Egypt.
It has a power and a mystique unlike anywhere else.  The pyramids are unbelievably astounding.   The majestic presence of the River Nile.  The Upper Egypt Temple Valley power and grace   And much more than this, that many miss, the healing opportunities, remote oasises, Bedouin Deserts, crystal clear Red Sea Diving.


Egypt changes lives.


So give yourself the gift of visiting the great land in a special way.

Come and journey with people who live here.  Who deeply care that the ancient teachings are shared in the right way.
The very old face of Khemit, the old kingdoms was dedicated to arts, healing, beauty and the journey of life towards truth.

Too many sincere seekers get caught up in strange spiritual tours that are confusing and not based on history or fact,
led by internationals who fly in and out without ever connecting with the land here.


We are a warm hearted team of people who have spoken and planned trips for you that are based in authenticity, integrity and caring.
As well as deep arts and meditation experiences that will change your life.

In addition we love beauty and provide high quality events that will combine your Soul
experience with the best of Egyptian Luxury and Design.

You can experience a personal temple arts journey through Egypt led by our staff, exploring the ancient shamanic
and arts approaches to the spaces, and experience Egyptian Luxury and Healing.

Or join a group adventure down the Nile of the Luxurious and divinely Beautiful Egyptian Dahabeya – or sailing boat, a mini palace.

Join a practitioner event and learn the Ancient Arts of Sound, Medicine and Transformation and create a genuine shift in your life.