Music Medicine through Song Journeys

pythagorasPythagaros was one of the foremost mathematical genius minds of our time his view music was a precise system of healing and connection and was to be taken like medicine ..

his school believed that the effects of music were powerful and could create dramatic shifts  both physically and metaphysically.

“Music should never be regarded as just entertainment”

What is a song journey?      

This is s a journey through sound , imagery, body awareness and music.   Participants are asked to make themselves feel relaxed and comfortable and then guided to shift their awareness  more receptive theta wave states (conducive states for physical healing, dream creation and mental relief) from which they receive vibration, imagination and the experience of ‘journeying’ via the music.

These journeys take your deep into your soul and mythical dreamscape.  Your inner realm.   Here you are able  to hunt out the images and symbols that are important to your spirit, 

that  ignite your inspiration, your motivation and finally, importantly,  your actions in the external world.  

Song Journeys are ancient medicine.    They have been used in many forms of healing in Ancient Greece, Egypt, India, etc.   They reaffirm the  connection between you and what is meaningful to you … i.e.   life, the universe, god, etc.   From here your authentic self flows.  When we activate our authenticity we attract the right people, situations, events, opportunities.   This is important stuff.


Song Bath –     “Light over peru”   


This song journey was inspired by  a major astronomical event ..    26 August 2013 –  A star of david shape forms around the planet for the 2nd time in one month.  A very rare interlocking of two triangles .. 120 degrees .. in the sky ..

The last time we experienced this star-shape was the end of the world war 2.

The audio is a  ‘story song’ and  and a short body energetic practise called –    ‘anchoring’.    a simple technique for balancing out your vital energy and the energy of your heart and dreams.

The story song is designed to create flexibility in the way we view history.   Much evidence emerges right now that challenges how we view history .. i.e.  discovery of underwater cities possibly 10 000 + years old, etc … it invites in a mythical way of viewing civilisation and a more hopeful attitude towards human civilisation.  Its a dreamscape.  It will help you for those times when you feel burdened by modern stress, violence, or dischord in theworld.  It is not designed to fix us on the past.  But open our mind to possibilities in the present.

The anchoring exercise is  designed to waken up the 1st energy centre located  in the pelvic region, especially the perineum.  This place often feels numb or responsive only to coarse sexual imagery.  We can awaken this region when we anchor it first into the lifeflow of the earth .. the great sensual creator.

Anchoring creates great safety.  It enables us to stay grounded and connected to aspects of life such as work, home, self care . .. useful when exploring a very expansive piece such as this one.


You can use anchoring whenever you are feeling –

1.  Brain fog – confused, heavy thinking, cloudy, etc.

2.  Can’t focus on daily tasks

3.  Feeling unsafe, lost, alone, without support ..


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If you would like to find out more about song baths .. where I am conducting my next public performance of these experiences .. or would ike to enquire about how I can design a musical guided journey for you .. that will take you deep into your own personal dreamscape … please contact me through my appointment calender .. with thanxx