Wild Frequency Science

A human shift in consciousness ..
where the perception, intelligence and experience of the world
becomes more based on energetic understandings

has to include within it Animal Awareness, to some extent to be balanced.
Animals have been an important part of intelligence development
and are part of the anchoring of human history and roots.

Ancient Superior cultures like Egypt gained their understanding through observing animals and nature.   Tribal people also would observe the superior sensory & perception of animals – calling these powers the animal Totem.  They believed each person has a particular resonant or sympathetic lesson to gain from the Totem.   i.e.  the strength of a bear, the grace of bird, the lightness of a butterfly …

Animals are like doorways.
They open doors between our awareness and that of the Earth.
They connect us into the field around us.

They interact with, see and experience the world in entirely intimate ways
.. they have superior gifts of the senses ..  hearing, sight, flight, touch.
They move in a world of a vast range of frequencies greater than human beings.   

Animals’ experience of Sound is direct and real.
Lived.  They live by and use the technology and emotion of sound
every day to survive.

Whales sing songs through the waves to bond and locate, bats use sound to navigate through the dark .. and elephants use low sounds or infrasonics to communicate to each other through the earth.    ..    i.e.   the whales possess superior qualities of underwater communication and bonding, wolves the qualities that whales possess may speak to one person to strengthen their life .. that of a wolf may assist another ..

Studying Animal Sounds is a study of the primal voice behind vocalised sound.  As well as a study of the mechanical uses of sound.  When we see these emotive, survival and frequency qualities of sound in animals we are able to translate them to our own being and senses to create greater awareness and scope.

Accessing emotion, body intelligence and energetic consciousness flow can often be better connected with and embodied when we explore the animal totem through sound.

No one would question that Whale Song has a huge positive impact on humans.   As well as a cat purr, a bird morning call, a horses brave whinney, a lion roar ….
we respond to these noises in more ways than we recognise.


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