About Me

Meaghan MorningStar – Sound Reconfigurations
Qualified Musician, Arts Therapist, Counsellor. Mundane Astrologer, Shamanic Arts Trained.
Music is a Force of Nature

We are living in an exciting time where our view of history, arts & human sciences are literally being turned upside down.  It may not seem so from what we see in the Media, and the advances of world control agendas, but everyday new discoveries about the nature of human life and our world are uncovered bringing awe and opportunities to live more magically.

Living magically means feeling there is purpose, guidance and support, that you can turn around any situation … sunsets, hand holding, that there is more to life than materialism, that you are living inside your own wondorous inexplicable movie … not watching someone else’s.  This is the ‘spirit-full’ agenda emerging in the world .. more powerful than the social one .. take heart.  🙂



When we are children the world seems wonderful and magical.
Healing is really a matter of clearing the blocks to this original wonder.
Doing so is not so much about wish fulfilment as reclaiming innocence.
Innocence is that quality which opens up the universe of stars.

Singing, I have found, is that life shifting tool
that brings all the good magic together.


the Ancient Song     

I spent my childhood in ancient places being born near one of the worlds most mysterious ancient sites, Mohendjaro.

I grew up seperate from western culture, mostly, without even a TV till I was 10.  My family were interested in arts and culture, geology.   I was a junior archaeologist in China at 9 years old constantly travelling to Ancient and cultural sites.

My mother was a musician and schooled me in music, art, astrology, mythology.


Expat life for a kid was lonely so I absorbed music and art like they were my best friends.


At 16, I moved to Australia and began training in Music, Arts Therapy, counseling, and humanistic astrology.   As well as energy arts;  Reiki, tft, meditation and yoga.

I started my own singing studio as well as working on various Government Funded arts programs, teaching in Asia, winning two government grants for community projects, performing as an electronic musician and studying audio engineering.

My singing students used to arrive to the studio stressed out from life.  Academic singing approaches made them feel worse.  So, I began to experiment.  Combining singing and sound making with energy work and movement.   I discovered I was very accurate at sensing where people held pain in the body and what the story behind that pain was.  I would help my students find relief by making free emotional sounds and simple vowels into and through the body sensations.  This generated life changing results.

People not only rid their stress but found new confidence and changed their lives.

I read modern creative voice explorers.  Rudolph Steiner, Stephen Cheung, Kay Gardiner.  I found that the Ancient Greeks had a system of singing certain tones to connect to planets and life.  I wrote out my new system and took case studies about my results.


The large scale of what I was doing did not really hit me until later on however when after falling chronically ill,  I was forced to give up everything and retreat for 2 years roughly to an isolated mountain property.

I lay in bed 18 hrs a day, with poor mobility, chronic pain.  Doctors told me i’d be on medication for life, would never dance again, etc etc.  (thanks) .   I was taking large amounts of painkillers and drugs.

At first I succumbed to the illness and the drugs even though it was against my beliefs.
Until, one day I had an experience walking in my garden, an experience of guidance and support, that left me with the message that I ‘could do better’.  So, I flushed my medication (I am not recommending this!) and began sitting with my pain.

Sitting with the pain, allowing it, feeling it.
I had the epiphany that I was afraid of the pain, that I was in a lot of fear, and had fear of the fear as well.

This was a revelation.  I thought I was a meditator, exerciser, healthy eater, explorer and yet I discovered a huge gap between thinking I was living healthy and the surprising realisation that I was afraid to feel.

I began practising conscious feeling.
Sitting with pain and fear and allowing myself to feel.
Sitting without fixing, analysing, moving it away, distracting myself.

This was profound work .. my pain reduced dramatically,  but it was slow!
I’d spend 2 – 3 hours in meditation to reduce the pain and fear.

And so I started using my own medicine – sounding, singing, toning out what I was feeling in my body, connecting it to the body spaces, using body techniques like TFT, Focussing etc to assist.  The sound soothed my body like an inner massage.  I found it was easier to release emotion through singing.  It took me deeper, clearer, faster.

Eventually my symptoms went away.  I was booked in to have an operation in a hospital, which I turned up to but at the last moment I walked away from it and cancelled all my appointments with doctors.



Then, I had my second epiphany, late one night, sitting outside under very bright
mountain stars, I felt like the stars were speaking to me and guiding me,
they made me remember a time in my life years before when I had had this experience,
when I had journey to see the southern whales …

Somehow I had lost touch with the magic and it had made me unwell.
Stars didn’t speak to me anymore.
I didn’t believe in the wonder.



So I suddenly packed up, sold up and went North to be with the whale song again.
I had 2 months of the most astounding experiences of singing with whales
Receiving the same insights I had received years before but not listened to.
To go follow a call, a trail, a songline around the world through the Ancient, reclaiming something from my childhood, explore the songs.


I ended up on a world wide trail.  Strange Cathar castles in France, the canary island guanche, Egyptian temples, bird calls in Angkor Wat, singing atop new pyramid Gunung Padang, performing in Bali with the International sound collective, and many more adventures.

What I have discovered is this

that almost all ancient traditions honour the human voice and
the powerful tool that is not just art but a technology

That people everywhere feel this importance profoundly at the moment as a
deep longing to make sound

that sound is vibrational consciousness, a physical yet also soul based vehicle that affects not only self but the unified field of life.

That the problem with today is a lack of feeling.
A lack of bravery around feeling.
That without feeling what it is we feel .. being honest about it … accepting it …
it is very difficult to move forward.
Within feeling are the answers to our challenges.  This brings relief and energy.
And energy brings motivation and change.
Humans have given away their power.

I spent 3 years wandering the temples and land of Ancient Egypt trying to answer core questions.  It was there in those sacred spaces that the sounds I worked with took a deeper form.  I met with a Khemetic Doctor who taught me the ancient afrikan egyptian shamanism and I married these understandings with his help into the sounds.
Ancient Egypt is important because it is a big chapter in the story of the dance of the masculine and feminine.
Because many religions and myths have originating ties with Egypt.
Because understanding Egypt has become distorted and maligned.

Egypt has the power to reconnect you with the Ancient Ancient.
Which has the surprising effect of reconnecting you with your own
ancestral voices and soul memories.

I have developed and channelled a very rich system of mythic healing called
The Magdalene Song Codes.

It is called this because the last piece of the puzzle came to me, surprisingly and in magical synchronistic ways, in the Magdalene Chapel by the Sea of Galilee.
The Magdalene Song Codes first goal is to assist others to FEEL
Easily       Fluidly      Swiftly
In a way that lets you move the experience of feeling insight ON quickly.