M u s i c    i s     a    f o r c e    o f   N a t u r e



Meaghan MorningStar
Nature Singer, Music Therapist and Sound Researcher

Qualified Musician, Arts Therapist, Counsellor. Mundane Astrologer, Shamanic Arts Trained.



Every since I can remember I believed that Magic was real.
Not the strange kind of magic we see emerging in the world today, a misuse of power and ‘media spells’.
But the knowing that life is meant to be meaningful and beautiful.

I was priviledged to have spent my childhood in a very unusual atmosphere of music, archaeology, ancient history, mythology, geology in remote places where I had little exposure to Western Culture, TV etc. and many other components that assisted me to not dull my senses and to keep this sense of wonder alive.  The indigenous cultures that I grew up, although physically harder than the west, were steeped in mysticism and the attitude that the purpose of life was more than work, mortgages and accumulating stuff.

My search for “wonder” at some point developed into a desire to not only find answers and experiences, but to also create a soulful technology that would allow others to participate in my revelations, especially those constrained by location and economic responsibilities.


What has helped me on my path is the Sacred Art of Singing.
Voice is a comforting friend, always there for you in the Lonely Moments.
Always able to bring some joy or clarity or energy .. some kind of SHIFT into your world.

This love has been coloured and imbued by my other powerful loves;
a deep appreciation of animals (our teachers), and of trees, stars, stones and plants.
Of learning, mythology, body science,
technology, audio engineering, healing, meditation,
astrology, astronomy, movement, dance, mathematics, frequency science,
online education, chakra healing, ancient knowledge, geology, yoga,

All of which I have worked at painstakingly, foolishly and abundantly
to correlate into a system of Singing Arts that moves mountains
and which I have called finally …


the Magdalene Gold Song Codes




Born into the Ancient Arts

I was born a traveller.

Born i n a remote and ancient part of Asia, on the edge of the Middle East, I grew up removed from a lot of western culture, didn’t even have TV.
Weekends were spent in ancient sites or on archaeological digs often, I was a junior archaeologist at 10 in China.
I travelled around the world visiting ancient temples, seeing art and listening to astrology, psychology, religion debates at home.   I studied art and music with local eastern teachers.

It was, however, often an isolated and difficult life and I turned to music more than anything to cope, writing songs at 12 and learning piano, guitar and various different music instruments.

At 16 I went to live in the West in Australia.  It was a sudden and rude shock and I found it hard to cope.
The culture seemed strange, life seemed bland.   As a child in Asia my dream and visionary experiences had all seemed quite normal.
But suddenly in the materialistic world of the West I suddenly felt odd and that I had to normalise and fit in.

This I did not do well!!

So I immersed myself in art and music studies to help keep the magic alive;   studying acting, painting and finally and formally, Music.
I continued to have psychic experiences but had no idea how to integrate them into the modern, moneyed, super driven world around me..

At 21 I was introduced to shamanic visionary experience which was life changing for me
It led me into nature to find a place where it all made sense.

The Wild Places of Australia were under attack in that time and I became a leading forest conservationist to protect the places in which I had found solace.
I brought music to the community groups, performed at benefits and led creative forest preservation campaigns.
There were many strange and wonderful experiences that I had in that time living sometimes in extreme conditions in wild nature.   It created a certainty, that
I had sensed running through the wild hills of asia as a child, that there was a magical voice in nature that we could connect with and that could teach us to have better,
more healing lives.

I studied music formally and eventually started my own singing practice, freelanced on various community arts programs, teaching in Asia, won two government grants for community projects, performed as an electronic musician using groundbreaking audio engineering technology live.

My singing students used to arrive to the studio stressed out from life.  I would play academic scales and techniques for them on the piano but felt like I was torturing them and making their stress worse.   I began to experiment with how to help them best.  I started combining singing and sound making with energy work and movement to ease their life stress.   I discovered I had a gift at sensing where people held pain in the body and what the story of that pain was.  I would encourage my students to make free emotional sounds and simple vowels into and through these body sensations, express them and sing more positive sounds in.  The results were dramatically life changing.

People not only rid their stress but found new confidence and changed their lives.

I read modern creative voice explorers.  Rudolph Steiner, Stephen Cheung, Kay Gardiner.  I found that the Ancient Greeks had a system of singing certain tones to connect to planets and life.  I wrote out my new system and took case studies about my results.


“Music puts the pieces together”




The Gift of a Healing Crisis

The big potential of my work did not hit me, however, until I myself fell chronically ill.
Suddenly, I found myself with a serious back condition, ingrained pain.
Doctors told me i’d be on medication for life, never dance again, etc etc.  (thanks).
I was taking large amounts of painkillers and drugs.  They said I had early cancer.   A degenerated back.   Many sites of malformed cells.   And depression.
My partner left.  I lost my studio and my home.  I retreated to a family property unwelcomed.


At first I succumbed to the fear of it all.
It was a lonely situation.  I could do so little.  Sometimes could not even get out of bed.   

Then, one day I was walking in my garden, and something spoke within me saying, “you’re better than this”
I flushed my medication (I am not recommending this!) and began to face my pain.

I sat with my pain, allowed it, felt it.
I went beyond the painkillers and decided just to feel.
The pain substantially diminished.  I found it was my resistance to the pain that was causing much of the pain.
Behind the pain I found lurking in the shadows a lot of fear.  It was the real pain that I did not want to feel.
Sometimes I would sit 3 hours in meditation until the pain and fear eased.

And so I then began practising to feel fear.  Bit by bit.
It took time, but as pain and fear began to loosen their grip I found dreams.

Dreams that were so buried  and so fearful to contemplate I didn’t even know I had dreamed them. 

As a meditator, exerciser, healthy eater, explorer my crisis was a shock and a shakeup.
My pursuit of living a healthy life had become an addiction and a smokescreen.
These things are foundational and essential …  but sometimes are used as excuse to not examine other internal ‘stuff’.
Lifestyle Cleanups is not a substitute for true soul work.

I discovered that a big part of unwellness lies in not wanting to feel.
By feeling I don’t mean wallowing, getting lost in emotion, acting out and being crazy ..
I mean feeling where we are, what we feel, and what we need –  having a deep relationship with the self.

Not in a narcisstic self obsessed way.. .
but through Self Kind listening.

Making this space to listen to how body mind and soul are feeling, with compassion
and determination to action on what feels Authentic.    eg . Be Brave – Make Changes.
I call way of being the Art of Allowing.

As iI got better I looked for ways to speed things up.   The awareness shifts I had had took hours sometimes of meditation,
and I was priviledged to have the space to retreat, I knew it wasn’t sustainable in the long term.

So I began to apply the awareness of Allowing to the sound releasing work I had discovered in my Singing Studios.

Singing into the pain and fear and whatever else, letting it express, and then soothing, expanding and bringing joy into what was left.
It SPED things up.  Rapidly.  Singing s vibrational, tangible and real.   Sound moves faster than thought.

A feeling of magic and wonder began to return in my life.   And I began to listen to my dreams.
These were dreams of travel, international music making and finding someway to connect with the magic of animal kind.
I wanted to find a way to use my singing work to heal both people and animal kind.

I remembered some of my work with whales in the past, when I’d written music for greenpeace and sea shepherd,
and had synchronistic journeys in the wild with whales.  I remembered climbing sea cliffs to sing into land with didgeridoo
players, being led up a mountain by an indigenous elder who told me to sing the songlines alive.

This was my true mission with the song work, and what I had been doing, teaching in a singing studio etc just wasn’t big

I used to believe in magic and wonder and I needed to find it again.   This was the essence of my unwellness.

The other side of a journey through fear is a journey into bravery.

Pursuing my dream I found out later was essentially about reclaiming my lost childhood and bringing all the pieces of my life together.
This is a little known part of the path of mastery that brings great self realisation.

I sold everything and left on a long journey around the world.
I had no idea where I would go I simply followed the Song Paths.

I sang with whales for 2 – 3 months, then sang in the Bali Sound Collective for a year,  I climbed the ancient pyramid Gunung Padang in Indonesia singing towards
Angkor Wat, then visiting Angkor Wat and singing with the bird voices there,  I whistled into the winds of the peaks of Canary Islands where the ancient guanche whistle communicated,
I journeyed to the tops of Hong Kong, sang in the churches of Southern France,
toned with 1000 people on the beaches of Hawaii beneath the Stars.  I journeyed over water to study elephant communication in South Afrika,
Discovered surprising stories in Israel.  Recorded to little bird calls touching frequencies in the gardens of Angkor Wat.
Held song teachings in the ancient circles of South England and of course visited and led song journeys into the
temples of Egypt 104 times.   And many other song science adventures not mention of Lion, Little Bird, Little Deer, Elephant, Horse, Insect, Fish, Crocodile, Eagle.




What I discovered is this …



There is a web across the world of Stone Cultures that had technology that have been hidden by time.
Almost ALL these ancient traditions honoured sound and the human voice as a powerful tool

not just an art but also a technology

People everywhere feel this importance profoundly in a deep longing to make sound

The problem today is a lack of feeling.
A lack of bravery.

What we feel ..  answers our challenges.  Brings relief and energy.
Energy to motivate and change.
To realise the Current flowing within and how dynamic it is..
How it stirs the memories within of soul purpose, the life impact we can have, the freedom we can summon.

Humans have given away their power.

In the sacred spaces of the world that I wandered the sounds I worked with took a deeper form.
Not just songs but electrical, magnetic communications that had light, force and power channels

That the world responded to and echoed and almost seem to LONG for.

Thus this project is here to help you find relief, inner peace and energy.
But also to reengage you with your relationship with the Living World.
The Animal, Plant, Star, Stone People.
The Light and Sound dance
that can reawaken the memories of the world that has forgotten its ‘magical-ness.’