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GOLD     The 9 Life Codes of Voice

Ancient Technology for Shifting Worlds
using simple frequency songs to clear common life challenges
sounding through our body stress and into light awareness

Energetic Protection in Challenging Times  



I have found over man14907645_10155428676879942_31817218290264808_ny years research, case studies and singing practice that your VOICE is the great clearer of the way and brings your SELF to the world.

An awareness of  SOUND  brings an awareness of VIBRATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS MECHANICS,    i.e.  how deeply sound & light carry consciousness & create the world (and us).    In a time of so much density, connecting with the magic of sound & light brings hope.   We begin to sense this real reality through listening to the body,  listening to the energy flow, freeing it and thus waking up the super intelligence within.  

Superintelligence brings high concentration, deep breahting, free expression & creativity, intuition that is heard, happiness & personal power to do.   From this space we are then able to sound and change our world.


Natural Release …


imagesDeep down ..   inside …  there is a voice calling you to make space in your life to FOCUS IN  In a society gone mad the only thing we can truly lead ourselves from is the voice of truth within.  Yet, finding time and the disciplline to do this feels huge … the distractions are many!   Gold has been developed out of a need to create an easy, creative way for people to experience silence, change & energy beyond the struggle.   

World Survival shifts towards the authentic life.  Discovering what your authentic path is begins within and is what I call    Listening to the Sacred Body Song.


It’s not just new age woo …

Scientific studies, including Harvard University Studies, show the many benefits of music and meditation for not only creating relaxation and body ease, but also higher brain functioning.

Simple sounds like humming or toning vowels take you right there effortlessly.  Singing up your life via a simple tune or song can create an affirmational shift immediately.     Song & Sound are tangible … REAL Vibrational experiences not just words or ideas.


 You’ve probably already know how the voice can bring relief     i.e.  singing around the house, groaning in pain … deep sighs that relax  ..  music that shifts your mood miraculously …


I stumbled onto this ancient approach whilst I was a singing teacher.   My  students would arrive at  the studio often with life stress and I would give lessons in scales etc as I had been trained to dom but it just made them feel more tense.  So I stopped doing it.

Instead I started asking them how their life was, where they felt it in their body, and asked them to make sounds into their body to express that.  We would then tone … sing warm healing sounds shifting back to a positive place.  I used affirmational chants, mantras, words etc to help them call in better states of being ..  what I now call the singing the Soul Song.

The results were amazing.


Not only did their singing voice bloom … I saw many confidence leaps and sudden life changes.    Using voice brought SPACE to their inner world which enabled them to grow  trust, connection, meaning, focus and confidence to take action.   (these are the sacred steps  🙂 )

This was the start of 20 years of practise, research, worldwide exploring, animal sound encounters, ancient sites investigations and audio engineering 432 frequency nature tunings to create GOLD – The Sacred Body Song – online training, voice mentoring & professional Sound Experiences & Training in remarkable places.

(You can find out more about my research & program here). 



What is GOLD?
An audio training and research project using Ancient frequencies and Voice Soundings.   Simple ways to wake up your voice to make sound, tuning it into your body intelligence & advanced chakra understandings, to grow space and ultimately HOPE when you learn to connect your superconscious body state to the song of the natural world and creatin all around us.   the ancient art of singing

–   An Awakening of Musical Voices
–   Ancient Understandings of Vocal Sound and 432 Hz & Nature Frequencies.
–   Body Intelligence mapping  for shifting Life Issues.
Deep relaxation, Release, Energy & Focus technology
–   Ancient myths from egypt and the world for connecting to sound and body.
–   Trainings, Retreats, Online Events and Audio Education project.



Singing & Vocal Sound is the easy way to peace and strength because it unifies 
body, emotion,  expression, spirit, and l focus all come together easiily in song.



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