Making sound is one of the fastest, easiest ways to change you emotional state from negative to positive s

dddWe are living in a time of noise .. news
Stress, fear, distractions, addictions, weird technologies, false histories.   Earth Frequencies Shift.

Yet … we CAN survive and thrive beyond this chaos by seeing the challenge it brings to rewire our experience of life.

Sound & Light are forces that move through and within everything in a sensual dance that is both scientific and metaphysic.  This dance unifies worlds and reminds us that we are much more than we have been led to believe.  We are part and expression of that dance, and switching on our awareness of the dance, becoming one with it moves us from being victims of the world to a connected part of it.   


About the Gold Codes
Produced on the Banks of the Nile … GOLD is the result of a 5 year world research and adventure project & 20 years zzzz

GOLD are Sound & Story Codes that switch on body intelligence
through the use of egyptian/world myths, sound & remembering ancient legacies.

The GOLD Codes are a simple yet deep system of waking your body, life and heart up through certain tones, frequencies, stories, body connections.   Chakras are simply body meditation points that refreame beliefs and lives.   Sound is the lost technology to deeply awaken these points not just so we can live proud and free but also to drop into nature and creation and fill our connection through the sound and light web.  A highly effective way to shift difficult emotion, pain, confusion, energy levels etc.    

The magical and psychological come together realigning us to high functioning states.
Myth in the Body accesses our archetypes and ancestral memories returning feelings of inclusion and purpose.




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JOIN   this ground breaking project and bring life acceleration through the grace of sound and light into your world.   You do not need to sing pretty to benefit from your sound – your voice is your unique vibrational signature –   if you don’t use it no one ever will.



Voice the Ancient Healer    
“Music should never regarded as entertainment

The Egyptians sang the sacred vowels to heal …  the Atlantic Guanche whistle communicated over vast distances …   the Greeks played the planets through music of the spheres  …  Indians sing the body free through chakra chanting …  the Native Americans would chant through the cold snows for warmth

Awaken the Ancient Wisdom in your world  …  release the self help struggle –
sing your energy out and UP,  tune to the frequency field we live in uniting self, nature and source.