Awakening the Ancient Voice
Singing into the Art of Self Kindness


The world is currently crying out for healing.

So many challenges before us  –  so many different issues.
Society seems so unwell.   The problems unsurmountable.
It’s overwhelming.

Sanity … comes to us …
when we choose to see it all as a chance to accelerate and expand our relationship with self, the living world and source.


But how?    HOW do we have a real awakening that feels magical and shifts our world view AND that we can maintain & act on?   Many of us are SO tired from head based, fix it tricks and self help chores …. ascension gurus.

What we crave is an energetic awakening.   An embodied transformation.  
A vibratory shift.    Something real.   Something to take us beyond mind and into energy … effortlessly.


The Ancient grace  copyVoice returns to us in this time reconnecting self, nature and ‘god’.   Singing to unify this healing trilogy brings worldwide remembering of real history and with it the ancient arts.

The Ancient Approach to voicing is shared here as an effortless awakening tool – whether you sing or not!!!! – joyful, meaningful empowerment.


Affirmation, prayer, visualisation are super charged through our musical voice.   Toning creates space in just 1 minute what can take 20 minutes of meditation struggle to achieve.  We let go into allowing where all difficulties dissolve  …


Think about it  … song is found within every religion, meditation & yoga practice, party & communal gathering as the central celebration and meaning tool.
“In the beginning was the word”.  “All the world is sound.”  


The GOLD voice awakening available for you in this inspirational training hub
is a voice activation thru toning, mantra and ancient wisdom initiations …

combined with the Art of Self Kindness – “a springclean for modern confusion” -
it will end your meditation, focussing and energy struggles.
and inspire creative energy activism in your world.

Gold sings in to bring hope to those who feel the current state of the world and do not know how to enable the transformation we need to step up into.  A new, super practical, modern life relevent approach.
Not just for singers but anyone –   inner peace grows strong life purposes.



awaken your ancient voice here

Beyond Mind  …  Into Energy
Ancient knowledge    Voice-sound     Bio-energy

“Music should never regarded as entertainment”      Pythagorus   – Math Genius