Making sound is the fastest, easiest way to change your
emotional state from negative to positive


The Universal Language
is all around you sounding out through the Unified Field of Life.

It is the Living Sound-Web of a family of pure tones that echo everywhere,
containing and running parallel with foundational structures of reality;  geometry, light, quantum mechanics, etc

We hear the language as musical frequencies, and express it through vowels and emotional sounds,
which are like codes that unlock life’s energy, truths and freedom.

The Codes are the ‘sound roots’ of all spoken languages.
Animals and children express the pure sounds of the language to free their joy everyday.

The Ancient Egyptians saw them as sacred and thus did not write them so as not to distort their depth.
Rudolph Steiner described them as windows to the soul.

Each pure tone is unique, a whole vibrational ‘being’.
It contains truths about existence, reflects, clears and cleans aspects of our life situations.
When we express these sounds we switch on the intelligence in your body.
Your body is a magical, miracle map
storing in its cells biological codes that create your physical being and also your soul imprint, ancestral and soul memories.

Sound is BODY FELT, therefore, it can awaken a connection to these memories.

Why would we want to do this?
To know we are Sound and Light, magical co-creators with
special sovereign rights to history, freedom, shelter, travel and clean living.
To feel our connections with ancestors and ancient wisdom and know that the systems of our age are not the only way.


The Magdalene Voice Codes, is a very special and unique Mystical Technology of Personal Sound (Voice)

It can be experienced by you through a self mastery system of vibrational sequences and codes.
Each code sequence calms ands clears life situations using natural frequencies, inner sound and body awareness training.
It also uses Egyptian Shamanic Mythology and its connection to other cultures
because Humans are highly artistic beings that respond profoundly to healing through story.

As opposed to the clinical cold, endless self-help analysis that has taken over the world.

When sounding this Universal Language, the student of the songlines begins to hear the world around him or her
echoing sounds and frequencies back.  This is an unmistakeable, meaningful phenomenon – animals, people, machines,
the wind, water seems to tune and echo back your sound.


That is when the beauty begins – when the world begins to remember the sound-stories of a lost people who once sang the world alive.
When life feels meaningful and full of good magic and we begin to live in our ‘own movie’, forgetting the attention obsession,
and we realise start walking the Ancient Artful Technology of the Songline Singers.

sult of a 5 year 

 Your Voice is the ‘switch’


No Two Voices have the same vibrational imprint …
if you don’t use yours that signature will never be heard

“Music should never regarded as entertainment      Pythagorus

The Egyptians sang the sacred vowels to heal …  the Guanche of Canary Islands whistled over
vast distances to communicate  …   the Greeks sang the music of the spheres echoing the planets  …
Indians sing the body free through chakra chanting …  the Native Americans would chant through
the cold winters to generate warmth and life.

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