A n c i e n t   H e a l i n g   C o d e s
Making Sound is the fastest, easiest way to change your emotional state from negative to positive 


The Universal Language is the family of sound tones that are the foundational blocks of all language, emotional expression and animal calls.  They are pure, sound KEYS that when chanted effortlessly bring us to the truth within.

These tone keys have come together in a beautiful learning experience called the Magdalene Song Codes.
Experience Nine Codes of Life listen and learn how to tone these keys to create ease and a free flowing song of energy in your life.
Whether you like your voice or not, your voice is your unique sound signature and can unlock doors.

Welcome to an Advanced, Ancient system of Toning using ancient music frequencies and scales (432 hz), animal sounds and layered song-sound atmospheres compositions of overtones and song-sound,  They are taught through archetypal stories of Egyptian and World Myths to bring beauty and ancestral connection.  The Codes use your body map, its energetics and somatic responses, help you create a relationship with the living sound web of light, number and consciousness.  The Nature and Universal Voice all around you.

A powerful mix;  body energetics, light and sound mechanics and soulful creativity all guided by the healing voice of International Intuitive Singer,  Meaghan MorningStar helps to tangibly awaken the wisdom of the ancient voice.

Watch the video below for the story of this music adventure.  




Your Voice is the ‘switch’



Experience the surprising Worldwide Sound Music Adventures of Time and Life


“Music should never regarded as entertainment”      Pythagorus

… the Egyptians sang the sacred vowels to heal …  the Guanche of Canary Islands whistled over vast distances to communicate  …  the Greeks sang the music of the spheres echoing the planets  …  Indians sing the body free through chakra chanting …  the Native Americans would chant through the cold winters to generate warmth and life.